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                            This corporation’s prosperity is based on the five following principles

                                 Competence, Integrity, Commitment, and Quality, Service.

                               Fujisawa Bristol Corporation was established on April 14, 1989.


                                  Our corporate Dun & Bradstreet Number is 92-622-6523.

Fujisawa Bristol is the largest domestic company in the business of private label topical patches. Topical patches are manufactured based entirely on our Conditions of Sale. No claim is made that any topical patch sold by Fujisawa Bristol Corporation is going to alter a disease state or prevent a disease condition.

As CEO of this company, I look forward to personally meet with new clients and develop a complete understanding of what their goals and aspirations are. I am always available to answer any question they might have I invite you to telephone or e-mail me personally to discuss your needs in any of these areas.

Gregory Ackerman


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